Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Rest of the Story (Birth Story Part 4)

I'm extremely long winded and have a big story to tell. Never thought it'd take me so many entries. Sorry. :-/

I remember going to the recovery room. Mr G, his mom and sister were in there with me. My mom arrived from driving in (8 hour trip) while I was in there too. I remember them talking to me, telling me he was beautiful, the nurse asking me a bunch of questions and showing me my pain medicine pump and clicker, crap like that. All I wanted to do was hold him but they whisked him away straight from the OR to the NICU.

From the recovery room they wheeled me down to the NICU to see the baby. I was still on the bed and when they brought me in I was at the foot of the baby's bed. Me, Mr G, my mom and maybe his mom (I think?) were in there looking at him. The NICU people spewed a whole bunch of information at us - I didn't comprehend ANY of it. I was too upset that I couldn't even see his face from where I was laying. I touched his foot but that was as close as I got at that time.

I was taken up to my room. Mr G was able to go down to the NICU to see him throughout the day/night but I was stuck in bed because of my IV. I requested a pump so that I could at least try to start doing that since I was trapped in my room. Mr G got all of the supplies, paperwork and stickers we needed to get my pumping started. This is where MrG got even more awesome than he had been before. He helped me keep a pumping schedule and filled out all of the records. He'd label bottles and deliver them to the NICU for the baby. He was just great and continued to be strong for all 3 of us throughout the rest of the crap that was heading our way.

Ok story time break to explain what happened to the baby. He had gotten an infection from my placenta and had to be on antibiotics. We were originally told he'd be there 7 days but ended up being on a 10 day antibiotic treatment. My infection was called chorioamnionitis. The doctor in the NICU said it was good that he got out when he did because if he had been in there much longer it would have been a lot worse. On top of the infection he was having trouble with his breathing. It was shallow and fast causing it to be tough for him to eat because he couldn't get the breathing/sucking timing down. He was on a feeding tube and IVs. So hard seeing him like that.

So I went into the hospital on Thursday and was discharged the following Tuesday. The entire time I was there was spent pumping and walking (riding in a wheelchair in my case) back and forth to the NICU. I was not feeling any better as days passed. My stomach was swollen, red and feverish. I kept having serious night sweats (which is common w/hormone changes I hear) but I was also having terrible spells of shaking in the middle of the night. I'd feel extremely cold and would start shaking/shivering uncontrollably. I would ask doctors and nurses about it but they'd just brush it off like it was no big deal.

We left him there on Tuesday. We'd go between home and the hospital several times a day. We spent most of the day up there on Thursday (Thanksgiving day). Our parents got to hold him that day. The flu season rules at our NICU are that only parents & grandparents can come in and only parents can hold the babies. My dad flew in from home on Thanksgiving day. We told our nurse the situation and she said grandparents could hold him (especially being the holiday).

So Thanksgiving was a happy day. The Friday after? Not so much...

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