Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birth story continued...

I'm picking up where I left of today. It probably won't be as detailed and I should probably be writing it when MrG is home because I can't even tell you the entire story since I don't remember it all from being knocked out anyway but I'll give it a shot. It'll be even more interesting since just as I started this entry BabyG spit out his pacifier and started crying. He's been clingy and fussy today so... oh well. Welcome to motherhood. Here we go.

Thursday November 18th 2010

The MW had trouble keeping the baby on the external monitor (tht I was told I wouldn't have to wear) so instead of trying again her and the L&D nurse came in and stronghanded me into breaking my water and putting an internal monitor in the top of the baby's head. After that I was stuck in bed - no moving around, no changing positions, no birthing ball, no standing and swaying, no leaning on MrG go get through contractions, no allowing gravity to help the process. I was stuck and trapped.

I labored like that for several hours (can't remember how long exactly). I was getting tired and the nurse asked if I wanted something to "take the edge off". By that time I was already exhausted & frustrated so I figured - why not? Apparently "take the edge off" is the medical term for "knock you out completely" because that's exactly what happened. I was given stadol (sp?) and was so out of it that I'd sleep between contractions, wake up during them and be out cold again as soon as it was over. Not exactly what I had in mind but by that time it was too late. Mr G didn't know WHAT to do but did the best he could.

A little while later my MW came back in (this *might* have been the 3rd time I saw her since 4pm and it was now late in the evening. She was supposed to coach me through labor and help me deal with pain and all that. Hard to do while you're hanging out in the physician's room playing on Facebook on your phone. I wasn't progressing - still at 4cm - so the MW said she was going to order pitocin to get things moving. Yet another moment of defeat. I knew pitocin would really make the contractions bad so I just gave up and asked for the epidural. I was too tired to do it after laboring so long already.

They called the anesthesiologist in and got me prepped to get the epi. I wasn't happy that Mr G had to leave the room but he's got a fierce needle phobia so I'm sure he wouldn't have been any help anyway. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined going in but I cried out of frustration and disappointment. I think the nurse thought I was scared. They were all pretty smug about me saying I didn't want meds in the first place so I wasn't too surprised.

I'm not going to lie. The epidural made me feel good enough that I could rest. The nurses failed by not telling me to switch sides periodically with the epidural so it would distribute evenly. When the anesthesiologist came back he told me to switch laying on one side and then the other. At the time I was thankful that I could move my legs. I wasn't able to feel contraction pain (just pressure) but could still move my legs. I'm not totally sure but that might be what caused some trouble further down the road.

I slept, MrG slept and MIL (who had been in the waiting room) came in and slept in a chair in my room around 2am. I didn't see my MW all night long. Lovely.

When they came back in and checked me again I had gone from 4cm to 8cm and was getting close to pushing time. That was around 7am I think I'll have to check with MrG on the next stuff.

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