Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're doing great!!

I'm so so SO sorry!!! It's been a wild and crazy 2 months and I'm very sorry I haven't posted anything. Thanks for all of the thoughts & prayers!

I'm still sorting out my birth story in my head. It's long and it has taken me this entire time to really process what happened and didn't happen. I started a draft of it in the hospital but never got around to finishing it. Once I got home I started to realize just how upset it was making me. I think I've come to terms with it (though I know parts will bother me forever) and I promise I'll work on getting it posted.

We had a great holiday season. We spent a lot of time visiting with my husband's family and my parents came down for almost a week to see us.

I'm finally feeling a little more "normal". I've adjusted to not sleeping much (thank you little guy!) and just in time too. I have to go back to work on Tuesday and I'm NOT ready. I found an amazing daycare near my school but I don't want to leave him!

Baby G is doing great. Last we checked (Dec 30) he weighed 10 lbs!! He was 7lb 9oz when he was born. His 2 month check up (and shots! :( Shhhh... we haven't told him yet) are Monday.

I'm trying to type one handed so for now I'll just leave you w/some pics & get into details later.

This is where he spent the first 10 days of his life.
That's his "real" crib - without the warmer above it.

Heading home!

Our Christmas card

Happy Boy :)

Happy New Year!!


Blondee said...

He is SO beautiful!!! So glad that everyone is well. I was starting to worry that your not writing meant something was wrong. So happy for you!

Karen C. said...

Glad that you are all ok. He is a cute little guy!!