Saturday, October 2, 2010

What an AWESOME day!!

Today was absolutely WONDERFUL. We spent the entire day visiting with my friend and her adorable son. Later in the afternoon we did the maternity photo shoot and had a BLAST. :) My friend is so talented and fun. We feel like dorks trying for natural pics but she was incredible.

We had planned on trying the Cheesecake Factory for dinner but by the time MrG and I got back into the hotel room we ended up watching a movie on HBO and changing into our PJs instead. We ordered room service and enjoyed the rest of the evening in our room.

Sleeping in a little in the morning and driving back home after another delicious breakfast at the hotel.

I'm just so happy and so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and amazing friend. :) I needed this weekend for sure. Now I'm ready to enjoy the rest of my fall break! Absolutely perfect.


Mandy said...

Can't wait to see pictures from the maternity shoot!

Anonymous said...

And soon to be fortunate to have a little one too. We are blessed to have our children. But they give something so special to our lives. Congratulations and best wishes. And yes fortunate to to have your hubby as your good friend. My ex husband was and is still my best friend and I imagine always will be.

Chi-chi said...

very good!!!

vickie kelley said...

Your readers are concerned about you & the baby. What's going on? Let us know, please