Friday, September 24, 2010

Well then... that'll help a little :)

My Friday just got a little more tolerable. MrG and I will get to have a (very nice) date night tomorrow! The best part? It won't cost us a dime!!

I was already getting complimentary tickets to the symphony for tomorrow night. Going to the symphony in our town is not as glamorous as it sounds. People wear anything from furs (in the winter time - not the 95* fall weather) to blue jeans and short sleeved button up plaid shirts. This town's not exactly the mecca of class and culture to put it lightly.

Anyway so I was getting tickets for that which had been donated to our school and MrG sent me a picture message with a $50 gift card to a new restaurant in town! He got it for something at work - hasn't told me why yet - but who cares!? I'm so excited now.

We'll dress up and I'll post my 33 week picture when I look cute for our sweet date tomorrow night.

Happy Friday! :)

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