Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tastes like chicken...?

Is it just me or is it totally wrong for the cafeteria ladies to claim that their prepared selections are one thing when they are indeed something different?

Today's example? We had tacos at lunch (with all the taco fixin's out). The meat was labeled "Chicken for Tacos". It was shredded meat and some of it was chicken... but I can guarantee you that there was left over shredded BBQ (turkey or pork? I don't know which) mixed in with that taco "chicken".

You're not fooling anyone... and that's nasty.

Today has been one of those days from the start.

The outfit I was planning on wearing wouldn't work because there was a hole in the shirt.

I was running late getting ready and doing my hair. I got to BK for breakfast (a result of the running late) and my order wasn't very good. Burnt Cini-Minis and iced mocha w/o the mocha part doesn't please me.

Got to school and left my water jug in the car.

Find out that there's a team of people from the board of education observing teachers today during classes. I'm not sure if they're going to everyone but if they are they just missed my best 4 classes and will be subjected to watching my blood pressure go up with the 8th grade classes.

I have the glorious honor of lunch duty where I stand in the cafeteria and watch those same 8th graders talk with their mouths full and share all of the contents with everyone as they chew.

Tonight is the gLee premiere. Where will I be? Not snuggled up in my jammies on the couch watching it! I'll be sitting at school... at a PTO meeting.

::sigh:: Can it be October yet?

Eight 5am alarms and I'm on fall break. PLEASE HURRY!!!

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