Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reason #928,174 why I love my husband

This summer I had planned on taking a weekend trip to meet a friend of mine. It was going to be a double bonus trip - I'd get to meet her and visit with her AND she has her own photography business and was going to take maternity pictures of us. Sadly, the plans fell through as summer ended quickly and I was sick for the first half of July.

I can't remember if I posted about my meltdown a few weeks ago over childbirth classes or not. I procrastinated (imagine that) on signing up for all the different classes I wanted to take from the hospital and we were coming down to the wire for childbirth class. I signed up for two Saturday classes at the beginning of October (the 2nd and the 9th). When I told MrG he panicked and said we couldn't do it. Now we're doing one once a week for all of October. That puts our last class 2 weeks before the baby's due. YIKES. I freaked out about it. It was ugly. He told me to trust him that we couldn't do the October 2nd class, not to ask any questions and just to LOVE that we couldn't do that class. Not exactly comforting words for a pregnant woman's ears but... ok.

My friend mentioned above and MrG have been friends on FB for probably over a year now (due to a shared Fish World addiction). I found out yesterday that she and MrG have been planning a weekend trip to meet up in Alabama for MONTHS and both of them have kept it a secret from me! We're going to meet her and get maternity pics done this weekend!!! SO CRAZY!!

I'm really really excited!! He was going to wait until Wednesday to tell me but told me yesterday instead. I'm glad he did because now I'm trying to figure out what to wear! Normally this would be an easy task for women married to men who don't care about what they wear. MrG is very "metro" and has an opinion on... well... everything from fashion to our wedding plans to the nursery so we'll be going around and around about what we're wearing this week before we leave.

Now I have the perfect way to kick off fall break next week by spending the weekend with my amazing husband and super sweet (super SNEAKY!) friend. :) Perfect.

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Jen said...

I Can't wait!!!!!! We are going to have so much fun!!!!! EEEEK!