Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Daze...

I'm not sure what's going to happen when I'm up with a newborn all night long but I am EXHAUSTED right now. School's going well I'm just really tired dragging myself here at the buttcrack of dawn every day. I don't know who thought it was a good idea for middle and high schoolers to have to start their school day at 7:15 am but it's ridiculous & they don't function that early (neither do I!).

I'll enter 3rd trimester on Friday! Everything's going really well. I always thought I'd blog about pregnancy more than this but apparently not! I think I'm still in denial that this is real in the first place. I keep reminding myself that there IS a baby in there and it has to come out somehow. It feels like a fantasy or something.

We've made a lot of progress on the nursery but I'm not going to post any pictures until we're finished with it. Curtains went up today and we're *almost* done with the other decorations. The walls are painted a fun shade of green - it took me a while but I love it now. MrG is awesome and is working really hard on it. I'm helping where I can but it's rough on me being on my feet all day and still doing stuff at night (ever heard of lightning crotch? It's real and it's terrible).

We've got several busy weekends in a row including going home for a shower on Labor Day weekend. I feel like time is flying by but at the same time I feel like I have a long way to go.

I'm thinking about changing my blog address but I'll have to figure that out at home.

I promise a belly pic and some nursery pics very soon. I'm such a blogging failure. If any of you are still reading - I'm sorry for neglecting you. :)


blossomgirl said...

You don't know me, but I'm still reading, and I enjoyed the update! Thanks for taking the time to post it. :-)

Jen said...

You are failing me. gah! Jk! You know I love ya! Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

Carrie said...

I have a middle school kid and so agree about the start time. They say it is because of the bus schedule but come on! My elementary kid doesn't start till 9:15 am. The schools are right next to each other. Btw, I understand about the lack of updates. It is one of those add it to the to do list things some days. So glad you are doing well.

Tessa said...

Just found your blog and hope it's okay for me to comment :/ I just love your story and am praying everything continues to go well for you as you get closer to the arrival of your little one. -- Are you waiting to find out the gender? We did that. It was SO great and SO worth it!