Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This one time... at band camp...

I've been so busy (and so tired) the last two weeks!! I've been teaching at a band camp where my friend is now the head director and I'm EXHAUSTED! I went from being a slug and doing nothing all day to working 8am-5pm in and out of the heat (I was really careful!) and teaching kids music. They're doing a Journey show so I think BabyG will come out singing Journey songs from hearing them all day every day! :)

I'm back to school tomorrow. No kids until Monday but teachers have meetings tomorrow and Friday. In some (most) ways I'm SO not ready but others I know that once I get the school year started time will fly between now and November.

We had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and the baby's kidneys were slightly dilated (but still within "normal"/don't worry too much range). On Monday we had another ultrasound to check on them again and they were still dilated - one had gone up a little even. My midwife (LOVE HER!!!) wants to see me in 2 weeks and do another ultrasound. If they're not getting smaller by then she's sending me to the perinatal ultrasound department with the higher powered ultrasound to see what's going on in there. I'm refusing to worry until we get to that point because the ultrasound tech and the MW both insist that this happens all the time. I'm glad they want to keep an eye on it and more ultrasounds are always good for me!

So that's a quick update. MrG is making me dinner right now then I'm hitting the shower and watching Big Brother with my sweet husband. After that? Probably bed!

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Sarah Kroger said...

OK, so you popped up when I clicked "next blog" tonight. You had me at "band camp". I was a band geek for sooooo many years.....alto sax to be specific...and I married a trumpet...what was I thinking?!?!

We actually went to a drum corps show a few weeks ago and it brought back crazy good memories.

I don't know you, but feel compelled to tell you that the most tragic moment of my high school career....and the beginning of what would (11.5 years later) become my marriage, all happened at band camp. The night after my sax was stolen (yes, band camp), when I was at risk of losing my solo (major drama for a band geek), I went for a walk with my friend, Ben. We talked, I'm sure I cried.....and the rest is history.

Congrats on your baby! We have two children on earth and one in Heaven. We struggled to get pregnant the second time and just lost our third one this month (I probably shouldn't tell you that....people should only tell pregnant women happy things! Sorry!!!!) Anyway, I was caught by the quote at the top of your blog and your comment that you are praying that God will take care of you in all of this.

All that and you were a teacher. I taught for 8 1/2 years before I was a mommy. Have a great school year and I'll pray for you and your baby!