Saturday, July 3, 2010


Yesterday morning I woke up with a really really sore throat. I immediately assumed it was allergies as I had been dusting and vacuuming the day before and MrG had just mowed the lawn. It was sore all day long and the longer the day went on the worse I felt.

By the time I was ready to go to bed I felt terrible. Achey all over, nasty sinus drainage (gag), tenderness on either side of my neck, stiff joints, all that fun stuff.

I'm usually pretty hardheaded about going to the doctor but after a terrible night's sleep and feeling horrible this morning too I just got up and went when MrG suggested it.

I tried to go to the clinic that's supposed to hope at 8am only to find that they were closed for the holiday weekend. Fantastic. The other clinics didn't open until 9am so I had to burn an hour. I finally got into the room and the nurse practitioner came in.

I have strep. :( I HATE getting strep. I'm confused as to HOW I got it since I haven't been out of the house much at all the past week or so. Sucks.

She gave me two options for my penicillin - either a shot or the pills. I'm a big girl and the thought of swallowing pills at that moment made me cry. With all of the IF stuff we went through I was used to having shots all the time so let's go with that. Over with right away, it'll work faster. No big deal.

I waited and waited and waited for someone to come in and give me the shot. It was strangely warm in the room and I started to feel really thirsty and a little lightheaded. The lady FINALLY came in. As she was giving me the injection I asked her if they had any bottled water up front (they have coffee, cappuccinos, a slush puppy machine all this cool stuff for patients - no bottled water. What the crap?). The shot HURT and she kept looking at me weird as she was telling me where the water fountain was and pushing the meds that I never thought would end. She told me to get up on the table and lay down. I almost passed out. LOL I donate blood, I lost my fear of needles YEARS ago and I almost passed out from her giving me the injection. How embarrassing.

She brought me a cup of ice water and had me lay there for a minute and sit in the room to make sure I didn't have a reaction to the medicine then I was free to go. She was really sweet about it and I kept telling her I'm usually not like that. I'm such a goober.

MrG and I were supposed to go out to my IL's for the 4th of July cookout tonight. We were going to go swimming this afternoon, too.

But no. Here I am.

Sitting in the chair trying not to move and I wouldn't want to go even if I did feel better because I'd hate to pass it on to someone else. MrG has been really sweet and made me a bowl of soup. Guess I'll just sit here and sulk as I eat it because I don't get to have any fun today. :(

Happy 4th of July Everyone! May your weekend be better than mine!

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Carrie said...

It sounds like you were having some low blood sugar moments. That happened to me when preggers if I didn't eat a big mac every 20 mins. Just kidding about the last part. I know how you feel about missing out on a fun day. I will at Children's with my daughter while she is getting a platelet transfusion. No fireworks or parties for us either.