Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh I need to update.

I've been busy doing nothing but enjoying my summer and keep forgetting to get on here and update! I thought I'd be on here all the time but I keep distracting myself with other things and it slips my mind! Sorry guys! (if anyone's still with me) I've had a wonderful time this summer. MrG and I took a weekend trip and had a great time seeing friends. We've had a garage sale and made pretty good money from it! We got nursery furniture and are trying to plan the nursery.
I'm 19 weeks 5 days right now - Friday will be HALF WAY!! I am torn between thinking the first half FLEW by and by realizing that I still have 20 weeks left. Somedays I feel like it's going really fast, others can't wait until it's October where the due date is right around the corner.

I've been feeling the baby every day now. It's so amazing. I can't even describe how exciting this is. I never thought I'd be here so every time s/he rolls or kicks me I'm just smitten. I can't feel it from the outside (probably from my layers on layers of padding right? LOL) but the movements are getting stronger and more frequent so that's great.

We're going Team Green!! I really wanted to NOT find out the sex of the baby and MrG agreed after I hooked him in with the fact that he'd get to go into the waiting room and announce to everyone "It's a Boy!!" or "It's a Girl!!". He fell in love with that idea. Plus it keeps us from getting a bunch of girly crap or a whole lot of boy stuff. :) It seems to be driving everyone but us crazy but that's too bad for them because I just don't care! LOL

We have been seeing the OB that I was with before going to the RE. At my last appointment about 2 weeks ago I asked about what happens whenever the big day comes. Only one OB is on call so more than likely he would NOT be doing the birth. That seemed weird to me (even though it's common practice for many clinics I suppose). Then the OB mentioned that they try to work out their schedule so they ARE at the birth of their patients. That seemed totally weird to me too - how can you schedule when women will go into labor? After that he said they'd probably induce me early because of my thyroid. Excuse me?

Now I'm not the best at researching and finding information but I'm definitely not one to roll over and take whatever my doctor says just because he/she's a doctor. I've been looking into this and have found NOTHING saying that hypothyroidism is sole reason for early induction. I've asked around and haven't heard from anyone with hypothyroidism who had to be induced early. As much as I love this OB as a person I've given him the side eye before (wanting to do Clomid w/o monitoring before the RE and not diagnosing my PCOS) so I've been looking around for other options.

In the area I live my options are EXTREMELY limited. Everyone goes with the flow, same ole' same ole', do whatever the doctor says without asking questions... blah blah blah. I've always wanted natural birth and I feel very nervous being in the care of OBs whom I don't know and trusting them to follow my birth plan. While MY OB may be willing to cooperate and agree to a med free birth, I can't be sure that whoever the oncall doctor is when I go in to have BabyG will be the same way.

I've been looking into midwives and had a rollercoaster ride figuring out if there were any I could go to in the area. MrG is hesitant but agreed that we could do it however I wanted as long as insurance would cover it. I found that if a midwife works within an OB practice the office will bill the insurance simply as the doctors' office and not specify that a midwife is giving the care. This is a standard procedure that forms a perfect loophole for use to take advantage of! I have an appointment with the midwife to ask her questions and see what she's all about on Monday morning! I was relieved that she is relatively new to the practice and was able to take me at almost 20 weeks! In addition, I have several friends who are nurses who went with the OBs in this particular clinic in town so I feel confident that if something happened and I needed doctor intervention (highly unlikely) the doctors there are great.

I made it over that big hurdle now I'm trying to convince MrG that it'd be awesome if we could hire a doula. I've found a girl who's still training (making her extremely reasonably priced! Not gonna lie - she's a steal!). She lives an hour away but said she's very interested and willing to be a doula for us. I think (hope) once MrG meets with the midwife and can ask her questions she'll explain how helpful a doula can be. I'm continuing to explain what they do as best I can and trying to get him on board with that. I think it'd be a great experience and she'd be really helpful.

Anyway this is getting HUGE so I'll stop and post my belly pic from last week. I should have a cuter one this week because we're going to a wedding on Saturday. I WILL update more often. I've totally fallen off the wagon but I'm crawling back on :)

Here ya go. This was last Friday - 19 weeks!


Samantha said...

You look fantastic and I'm SO happy you decided to go Team Green! We did the same with our first and plan to do that with our second. I LOVED it!

Can't wait to keep following your pregnancy!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Your belly is so cute!

It's so hard to pick an OB... I wavered so much when it came to which doc to choose. In the end, it all worked out great. Trust me, it's better to go ahead and switch to someone you feel comfortable with- you don't want to spend the pregnancy worried about how the delivery is going to go. I hope you find someone you love!

Life's a Bee!! said...

Glad you are making the switch now because Jessica is right, you'll be worried the whole time & you really don't need the stress. So good luck to you.