Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You might be pregnant if...

(a post title I never thought I'd make).

seeing a scene from a movie set in Texas with a mariachi band makes you crave Mexican food. Now that's pretty embarrassing right there.

I triple duper promise I will be back in the blogging action starting say... this weekend-ish. Today and Friday are my last two days of school with students which is ridiculous. Why not let the teacher work day be on Friday so the kids don't have to come back? I have no idea. It's silly. What's more silly is that Friday is report card day but it's a FULL DAY. BAH!

So I can practically TASTE summer break but I have a few more days to live through.

I will be 15 weeks on Friday and I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. I won't have an ultrasound this time but I'm hoping for one next month.

Also since I've been gone I finally got MrG to agree to go Team Green (waiting to find the gender when the baby is born). YAY!!!!!!

Also, I was in a car accident last week. I hit a deer but I'm fine. My car should (hopefully) be fixed by the end of the week.

I'll go into detail on all of that and post a belly pic soon. :)


Ladonna said...

Being on Team Green was hard for me because the curiousity felt like it was going to kill me! But the moment where I met my baby for the first time and figured out that "it" was a "he" was one of the best moments of my life and one that I will never forget. I am glad to hear you're fine after the car accident. I had one about two weeks ago as well and am happy that my son and I are fine.

Life's a Bee!! said...

I would never be able to do the whole wait 'til the baby is born thing. The curiosity would kill me!