Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stir Crazy

As a student, standardized testing is stupid (sometimes hard) and really boring. As a teacher? Eleventy billion times worse. This year I'm only testing one kid. He's an English as a Second Language student and I really have no idea why he needs the accommodation. He never asks me questions about any word on the test. He finishes in time and from what I can tell he's really reading and answering the questions so I just sit there.

What's worse is I'm not allowed to DO anything while I sit there. I couldn't even make a grocery list or a to do list if I wanted to because it's considered a "breach of security" - in case someone wanted to cheat and write test questions down.

Two days down, two more to go. It takes everything in me to stay awake while I sit there and stare at him.



Jen said...

That's ridiculous! If it's just one student you think you'd be able to at least read something to occupy your time. I'd go nuts! You know I remember teacher leaving the room, reading magazines, etc during standardized testing at our school.

Mrs.G said...

Heck, Jen. When I was in school (talking 1st/2nd grade) I remember BUBBLING IN MY OWN NAME ::gasps::

Kids now (7th/8th grade included) don't even have to do THAT themselves! At the first middle school I was at WE had to do it FOR them during our planning time.

The state is crazy. Plain and simple.

Life's a Bee!! said...

I remember bubbling in my name too. Why do you have to do it for them now? Is it to make sure that each student has a test & fills in their own test without making up fake names?? Educations is really insane today. They put all these rules in place to avoid cheating, proper teaching/learning, etc. but they are very disrupting to the learning process. How are students supposed to learn when teachers aren't allowed to do ANYTHING?!! It's RIDICULOUS!