Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring break is amazing.

Our spring break started on Friday and I have all of this week off. It's going to be SO nice. Yesterday after church we cleaned the house and gave 3 dogs baths before my ILs came for dinner. It was warm and very nice out so we didn't have the traditional Easter-y dinner we cooked burgers and hotdogs on the grill. Still very good.
I was exhausted today so I've been a little on the lazy side. I don't plan on doing this every day because there are rooms in the house that need some serious attention but today was a little break. Wednesday I have an ultrasound and an appointment with my OBGYN. Thankfully the RE that we saw a couple weeks ago said we could go to the OB (since he was closer) for the growth u/s to see how BabyG is doing. I keep telling myself everything will be fine but I still worry.
Today I'm 8 weeks and 4 days along. This past week I've had some rough nausea during the evenings. I have a weird food aversion to things like chicken (which is really really sad). I can think about eating McDonald's chicken nuggets but anything else makes my stomach turn. The food that's been the best for me so far has been fruit. I can eat fruit without feeling sick so I've been sticking with that for now as my go-to food.

Some friends have been bugging me for a picture. I was supposed to do it Friday but I kept procrastinating (who? Me?!? NEVER!). So here it is - in my awesome shirt that was marked $10(something) and I got it for $3.74. I love Target.

Mostly bloat and belly fat (and lunch) but there you go.
My first one.


Short Leg Lucy said...

I think you should know that you give yourself a lot of crap. You're pregnant and you honestly, don't look fat at all. And pregnant on top of it! So positivie thoughts from now on cuz woman, not only are you beautiful, you are growing a beautiful baby too. Congrats!

SweetPea said...

Love the belly pic! Keep them up girly! You will love having them all after your baby is here and you can't remember being pregnant anymore.

Danse said...

You look so cute!!!!

Life's a Bee!! said...

Aww! I love it! You will truly enjoy these pics though. I wish I had more of me preggos. Hope all goes well & goodbye nausea, vomiting, & morning sickness! Best wishes!