Saturday, April 10, 2010

I love this stuff!

It's Saturday morning. MrG is at work and it's my last few days of spring break. It didn't fly by this time (which was nice)! That's probably because I didn't do ANYTHING (which was also very very nice!).

Today I'm doing some house work and other things I've neglected to do all week and just having a fun day. I can't wait for MrG to get home so to pass the time I've played online as usual.

I stumbled across some stuff that is just awesome. First of all is this way better alternative to a sign in book at a baby shower. In their example they're using it as a wedding guest book but I think it would be PERFECT for a baby shower and then to frame it and hang it in the nursery!
It's similar to what my brother and SIL did for their wedding "guestbook" but instead of thumb prints they had little leaf stickers in red and blue to match the wedding colors. I saw this and loved it. It's so personal and cute and not the average book where people sign in and then it stays in a box forever. Just so cool. :)

Then I saw this super cute chore chart thing. I love it but why in the heck is it so expensive!? I think it'd be better when (hopefully) have more than one kid and they're older and helping with chores but some days I think we need something like it for the two of us!

I mean how stinking cute is that!? Maybe if I start now I'll figure out a way to make it by the time I want one to hang up in my house. That'll give me a few years to figure it out. :)

Ok I'm off to unload the dishwasher and start putting laundry away. I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful, and gorgeous weekend!!

I just found this one! Cheaper but I still think I could make one for even less. I'll have to start looking at Hobby Lobby to see what kind of pieces I can find :)

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