Friday, March 26, 2010

7 weeks

So far I haven't had "morning" sickness in full swing but I'm feeling a little off today. I've been exhausted the past 2 days and last night I had a TERRIBLE headache that came back this morning after I was up for a while. I haven't taken any belly pics yet. I feel like you can't see anything. I just look like I did before I lost the 15 lbs from my diet - maybe a little bigger and more bloated and fat in the middle. Nothing impressive enough to take a picture of just yet. :)

I forgot lunch money but I brought a few things so I'll just have my South Beach meal bar, pear and yogurt for lunch. I think that'll be fine anyway because food doesn't sound appetizing at all right now anyway.

This weekend is going to be great. MrG got us tickets to the ballet on Saturday (for free) and I'm really excited about that. It's the local youth ballet company and they're doing Cinderella.

Spring break starts next week. I had originally planned on painting the master bedroom over break but I'm not sure if that'll get done now.

That's about it for me! :)
Happy Friday everybody!


Life's a Bee!! said...

Perhaps nothing shows yet but it'd be neat to see the beg/end pics of your pregnancy. Don't make the same mistake I did of not taking enough pics. I took about 5 pictures total b/c I didn't show for the first 4 months. So by the time I got around to it my belly was huge & I didn't get to see the progress. I wish I had more pictures.

johannaknip said...

Aww, we'd love to see your beautiful belly. I'm sure you look great. I hope you get a lot or rest over Spring Break. Even if you don't get anything "done" you are working hard on something else. :)

Short Leg Lucy said...

You're Pregnant!!! NO WAY!!! I love your blog, it's beautiful and you are a gorgeous woman. I have been praying for you and your family and that was possibly the best news I've read all week. Congratulations, you're going to make an amazing mom. God's timing is the best :D

Beck said...

Hi! My name is Beck and I happened to stumble accross your Blog by accident. I also am 7 weeks pregnant, but I have a whole differnt story ... sad but beautiful... My blog is 'My Beautiful Blossoms'. Good luck with the pregnancy, hope the morning sickness doesn't get to bad if it kicks in! take care :o)

Anonymous said...


I hope this is as bad as your morning sickness gets. ;)