Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little things that make me ridiculously happy.

It's Saturday - that's awesome in itself
The weather is GORGEOUS

Staying in bed later than you should
Cuddling with MrG :)

Finding a cute shirt on clearance
Having said shirt ring up $3.74 when it's marked $10.48

Offering me apple pie at the Popeye's drive thru
I couldn't resist!!!
(Awesome apple pie might I add)

Popeye's chicken strips meal (This is totally SP's fault and omg YUM!)
Got home and found two extra strips in the box!!

Going to the ballet tonight with my favorite person
For free.

Friday, March 26, 2010

7 weeks

So far I haven't had "morning" sickness in full swing but I'm feeling a little off today. I've been exhausted the past 2 days and last night I had a TERRIBLE headache that came back this morning after I was up for a while. I haven't taken any belly pics yet. I feel like you can't see anything. I just look like I did before I lost the 15 lbs from my diet - maybe a little bigger and more bloated and fat in the middle. Nothing impressive enough to take a picture of just yet. :)

I forgot lunch money but I brought a few things so I'll just have my South Beach meal bar, pear and yogurt for lunch. I think that'll be fine anyway because food doesn't sound appetizing at all right now anyway.

This weekend is going to be great. MrG got us tickets to the ballet on Saturday (for free) and I'm really excited about that. It's the local youth ballet company and they're doing Cinderella.

Spring break starts next week. I had originally planned on painting the master bedroom over break but I'm not sure if that'll get done now.

That's about it for me! :)
Happy Friday everybody!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can I just sleep until Saturday?

This week is so busy and I'm exhausted. I have to be at school early (6:30 am - about the time MrG is finally deciding he should roll out of bed and get in the shower) for bus duty and I've been staying after every day (till about 4:30) for either practice for the musical I'm helping with or the faculty meeting.

I need a nap. :P

Monday, March 22, 2010

A few pictures from February and March...

Valentine's Day was very good.

MrG got me this...

and these...

I made some soup...

Got a belated Valentine's gift...

Went north for my "little" brother's wedding...

Grandma and Grandpa (formerly known as Mom and Dad)
looked GREAT :)
We didn't look too bad either.
Met a sweet friend at IKEAShe brought us a EXTRA sweet present but...

I'm not sure if it'll fit just yet.

BabyG 6w3d
Expected to arrive November 12, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's "Friday"!!!!

Flying home for my little brother's wedding tomorrow afternoon! I'm really excited to go home this trip and to have a break from school. At first I was irritated about it being in the middle of March but now I'm thankful because it's dividing up the spring semester (that seems to DRAG BY).

Spring break will be 2 weeks after that so I think I can make it! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm still alive :)

It's been a busy week or so. I'm helping with the musical at school (huge mistake that I walked into because I'm a newbie here and didn't realize what an unorganized disaster it would be).

I'm ready for spring break to get here in a hurry. I'm really ready for MAY to get here in a hurry but I've gotta take it one step at a time. :)

The wedding's next week so that'll be a little break. We start the last 9 weeks of the year tomorrow. I'm excited to be at the end but I'm anxious to see what my last group of kids are like.

Anyway just wanted to check in and say hi! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A New Routine

I think I'm going to try to get to school just a little early to have a morning devotional time. It's too hard to do that early at home because home is too comfy and I'd fall back asleep and that'd be no good. I don't spend enough time with God, praying, or reading the Bible. I want to worship more every day. If I can get here just 10 minutes early I think it would have a huge impact on my day. I could sit in the quiet before the storm of kids and read and pray - especially for them at that time. I could also turn on Pandora and listen to some music to put me in a better mood. Coffee, the Bible and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - can't start a day off much better than that right?

Back on the diet today. Phase 1 for the next 2 weeks to try to fix the mess I put myself in the last 2 weeks! I weighed this morning because I was feeling big and ended up that I was down a pound. I'm at 214 lbs. I think my heaviest weight was 238 lbs at the doctor's office one time. Change is coming. More slowly than I like but it's getting there. I have my determination back to not cheat this time. I resisted a doughnut in the teacher's lounge this morning. Some days it's the little things ;)