Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wedding outfit :)

My "little" brother's getting married on March 19th. I've been stressing out about what to wear and we just started browsing on a whim tonight when we were at the mall. I have put off buying a dress until now because I hoped I'd either be pregnant or would have lost weight by then. Looks like I'll continue working on the latter of the two for the next 5 weeks since the pregnant thing hasn't happened yet.

I've been wearing an 18/20 at Lane Bryant the past year or so. We looked at JCPenney today and found a dress that fit - a size 16!! :) This picture was taken after dinner with no "roll control" (what I ever so affectionately call my Spanx). The day of the wedding I'll have my Spanx on so it'll smooth out and hold things in place a little better.

There's a little place in the seam that wasn't sewn completely (on the left side) and we're going to fix it. It got me an extra 10% off so I figured it was worth it! Plus I knew the lady ringing us up and she used a coupon too. Original price $99, it was on sale and after we got the extra off and used our gift card we only paid $33

The only thing to say about these is that they're awesome and I love them. :) $39 at Kohl's.


Susan said...

You look amazing!!!!! Love the dress and LOVE the shoes! Way to go girl!

Life's a Bee!! said...

I love those shoes & you look great in red!!!