Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My love note to the internet crazies:

While I love 99% of you dearly, there are a few people who have been posting less than appropriate comments on my blog. It's ok. I know people aren't going to agree with everything I say. It's cool. No problem. I can roll with the punches - that's an important trait for a middle school teacher I think.

Last night was weird. I'm not sure why someone would post that a "baby was on the way" and "the baby boy would bring us a lifetime of joy". A little bizarre. More explanation to what the thought process was behind that would be awesome.

Today I found a new special friend. Her name is (taken out to stop searches coming here). Unfortunately she thinks she's funny and hurtful. She's strongly mistaken. She has a very limited vocabulary and she isn't able to do anything but state simple obvious things - like the fact that I'm fat. Thanks. I know that. That's why I'm working on it. Lucky for me, I can change fat. She'll have a tougher time changing her serious issues.

I'm not going to humor her with posting what she wrote to me but I do hope she posts again. She has an interesting take on the lives of other people and I find it quite entertaining - just not for the reasons she thinks she is!

Sweet dreams crazy. Snuggle those dolls tight tonight and watch out for those pins. They might stick ya. "Everything comes around full circle" right?



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry she said such hurtful things. Wow, some people have alot of growing up to do. Keep your head up and keep working towards your goals. Way to go on being the bigger person. :) I love your blog, and you are beautiful just the way you are. *hug*

Susan said...

You should do a hate mail hall of fame like me. :) Although I have nothing to put in my hall of fame's hoping someone hates me soon!

Kriss said...

Wow! I think people must have to much time on their hands. Sorry for the unpleasant comments they were unjust.

Kriss said...

I just have to comment again.... not sure what happended over at The B*mp but wow she sounds like she has a mission to hate you. You might want to look into an IP blocker for your blog. I have my adoption blog that tells our story but I also have a daily blog. It's only private because of an estrangment from my family (I still take readers if you would like to get to know me better). Before going private I had an IP blocker installed so I didn't get continu. crap from people like VDL. Life is to short for people like VDL to such the joy out of things.

Vlado&Toni said...

just want to tell you that i like the header on your blog :) so pretty and colourful..

PPR said...

IP blockers only do so much good. Anyone w/cable or DSL can refresh their IP by simply unplugging their power and back in again. Moderating all comments (while a hassle) is best.

Pixi Grl said...

Sorry someone has been so immature & ridiculous.
I just stumbled across your blog randomly & I think it's very pretty and I admire your goals & outlook on things.
Keep being you, ignore the crazies. ;~}