Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just because I can't eat them...

Doesn't mean I can't make them!!

I whipped up a batch of these with MrG tonight for him to take to work tomorrow.

His coworkers have seriously considered putting a jar out for donations and have me bake them stuff for him to bring so that we're not always buying all of the ingredients. It cracks me up. They've even started putting in requests. I love it. :)

I won't lie. I ate a little one. They're amazing if I do say so myself (which i think I can because I didn't write the recipe I just put it all together). Delicious. Definitely not in the diet plan but I couldn't help it.

Today I had an RE appointment. I had an ultrasound - the tech said she saw a few little ones on the right but the left ovary had one good follicle so I got my HCG trigger shot. Way better than before. I used to get it in the hip/butt area but this nurse put it in my lower abdomen. More fat + less muscle = didn't hurt as bad! We were given orders to have sex the next 3 days then "whenever I feel like it after that". LOL I can't help but laugh that other people know so much about my sex life. As horrible as IF is I'm glad I can manage to find some humor in it - silly as it may be.

Ok need to head off to bed because I have early bus duty in the morning (lame). Two more days and this weekend is MrG's birthday!! :D


Cate said...

GL this cycle :)

Ladonna said...

Those cookie things look mouth watering! I too am much better at baking than actually cooking, but I'm trying to improve for my husband's sake. Anyway good luck on TTC this month!! I'll pray about it.

Karen said...

Those cookies look delicious!!