Saturday, February 20, 2010

I think cake is my weakness.

I'm guessing that this week's weigh in won't be so good due to back pain (not being able to work out! SUCKS!!) and it being MrG's birthday.

He asked the lady at work for my favorite kind of cake for his birthday celebration there and he brought OVER HALF of it home!! I had a (smallish) piece and couldn't even finish it because the icing was so sugary - I could tear through a piece of this when I got it for my birthday last year! I guess that's a good sign but it's still not good for the dieting.

It WAS delicious though.... :)

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Kelly said...

We're going out for Mike's birthday tomorrow and the restaurant serves Pazooki which is chocolate chip cookie dough just barely baked in a deep dish pizza pan and covered in scoops of vanilla ice cream. I am not good at turning this away. Hopefully I'll have your willpower and will find it too sweet. :)