Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 300 Posts!!

This is post #300. Isn't that special?

Can I just say that I love watching the Olympics? I've never been an athlete but I think they're cool and fun to watch. We watched Ski Cross - a brand new event - the other day and it was FIERCE. MrG prefers the summer Olympics but I love both. So cool.

This is fun news - Travis Cottrell is going to be the music minister at our church! He officially starts in May and I'm really excited. He's amazing and is going to be a huge blessing to our church.

My back has been killing me for the past week and today I finally got up the courage to do the Shred again. I've been a total failure this weekend with eating and all of last week with exercise so I've got some ground to gain back.

I'm tired and need to go to bed early. Our hopeful baby making sex-a-thon is over now and I'm kind of excited to go to bed to just... sleep. :)

I got new glasses today. I'll post a picture when I take a better one than what I took earlier. I look a little rough today.

Anyways... Happy 300!

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Bri said...

good luck in your journeys through life =] check out my blog sometime