Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good morning!!!

I didn't get to do the shred last night because my back was KILLING ME all day long. It wasn't an injury really, just recurring back problems that I've had since high school. I sat in my tub for a LONG TIME last night rereading the South Beach book because I didn't read it before I started this time. That was a really good idea because my back feels a lot better this morning!

I'm still not back to school! I met my husband for lunch yesterday and the roads from here to there were just fine. I guess it's some of the back roads that still have ice on them. Supposedly it's some of the ones near schools too - I'm not sure WHICH schools but oh well. I've had 6 days off now! I was only expecting a 3 day weekend! Pretty cool. :)

I need to put up some pictures but I don't have any good ones. Maybe I'll get that "before" picture taken tonight. I can't wait to have an after picture to post!

Ok off to figure out what to eat for breakfast! Happy Hump Day!

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Sister in Christ said...

Came accross your Blog Love ir!!I am a christian Mom of 5 kids and also the owner of a Christian Group called prayer warriors on cafemom. will keep your family in My prayers for your blessings God bless Rashida