Saturday, February 6, 2010


AF is here. I called the RE yesterday to set up my ultrasound date, got my Rx for clomid set up I just need to pick it up, just got off the phone with Freedom Pharmacy to get my HCG Rx and I took yesterday's workout off. We were both in bed by 9:30 and I think I was asleep by 9:33. AF always knocks me out the first day or two.

I was proud yesterday. I resisted the urge to get in the car and drive to McDonald's to trash my diet. I didn't follow the diet plan but I also wasn't as bad as I could have been. I had peanut butter toast and a little less than half of Corey's Oatmeal Cream Pie - I felt scandalous! LOL I would have accompanied it with chocolate milk but I didn't have any chocolate! I'll get back on the workout/diet wagon today. I'm still kinda crampy but I want to push through it.

Cycle 29. Here we go again. I'm determined to temp this cycle. I totally forgot to last cycle. I really need to get it together!

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