Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 pounds + 60 followers

Fun milestones. I've lost 10 lbs now. I was a little disappointed in "only" losing 2lbs last week but I know that's supposed to be the healthy way and I blame the rest on AF. 60 blog followers is just fun. :) I don't know why you stick around but, ok!

I love the days off but seriously. Going to work on Thursday and Friday isn't good for these kids. This is the 2nd week in a row they're only going to school Thursday and Friday. What's worse? It's a 3 day weekend with President's day!! I mean yay for time off but I'm ready for my routine back (did I really just say that?).

I've started my Clomid again. My last doctor had me taking it days 5-9 but the RE has me going days 3-7 so maybe it'll work better this time? I try to be hopeful but at the same time I hate setting myself up for disappointment.

I found a nursery that I LOVE. It has been a long time since I've even looked at nursery stuff but it's just great. It's from the Me and Wee blog and the nursery pics are right in that entry I linked right there. I'm not big on matchy stuff and we already have the bedding I posted about a while ago (here). I think I can take ideas from the new find and incorporate them with the circle bedding (especially since the bedding stuff is discontinued!). Anyway I need a pic of it since I've been picture-less lately so here

pic here

See the circles on the wall?! Those are embroidery hoops with fabric on them!! Genius!! I love it! :) I also love how she put the "wood" look on the dresser. It was originally all white - she used wallpaper to make it look like that. So awesome.

SO... enough of that silliness. I need to eat breakfast (almost lunch now) and do a little workout. I'm doing 2 today because I skipped 2 days and paid for it last night. A little extra cardio never hurt anybody either (especially THIS body!!).


Megan said...

Thanks so much for your kind words on Little P.'s nursery! :) I'm so glad you like it! We have fun in there. I hope for you that soon you will be able to plan yours down to every last detail! It's great to gather inspiration so you know what you want, that way it comes out they way you imagine. Best wishes and cheers from Me and Wee!

Susan said...

I follow you because you live to far away for me to stalk properly. :) Congrats on the 10lbs! That's amazing! Keep up the great work.

Heather Morgan said...

Hi there! Great Blog, and kudos to you for the 10 lbs! I will continue to follow. I think you'd like my Blog as well.......check it out. It's Body Talk Sonoma. :)

Life's a Bee!! said...

To answer your question, people follow you because you seem like a down to earth person and someone we'd all love to meet & hang out with.

Good luck with the baby making process & congrats on loosing 10 lbs!! My friends and I got started on working out & it has kind of plummeted...we need to get back on track! :) I'm looking forward to your blogs!

Best Wishes,
Your New Follower

P90X'r said...

Hi there I really enjoyed reading your blog. Congrats on your 10 pounds!! I've just started my weight loss journey! Looking forward to following your blogs.