Thursday, January 14, 2010

I had a good day!

No reason in particular just a good day. I finally have a job that I really enjoy. I've been cooking a lot and spending time with Mr. G and the puppies and I've been keeping my mind off of my T-TTC and IF issues. All in all not too shabby!

Tomorrow might be a different story. I have an RE appointment tomorrow. I've been encouraged by a friend to ask her about endometriosis. I have a few of the symptoms and my cycles are getting longer again (even after the metformin). My lady times are heavy and extremely painful too so I guess it's a possibility. It's definitely not something I WANT to hear but at the same time it'd be another piece to this totally jacked up puzzle.

In other news I need to work out again! A while ago I kinda smashed my thumb nail a little (doesn't sound possible but I'm glad it's not worse). It hurt a little bit early on but hasn't really bothered me until this week. It's almost to the point where it's growing out and it KILLS now. It throbs and is swollen in the mornings and feverish feeling. I showed it to a teacher who was a nurse at one point and she said I should just let it grow out more. Ugh.

On a non-working out note... I'm craving some Girl Scout Cookies really bad. Those don't go well together do they? :)

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