Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dieting Schmieting

The RE appointment wasn't too bad last week. She would like me to lose more weight which I knew was coming because I haven't been trying very hard on that at all. We're going to try Clomid again next cycle - with ultrasounds, HCG shot and maybe even injectables. I'm hoping it is successful with the RE since we had no luck with the OB. Let me also say that a $50 copay is outrageous and ridiculous. It went up from $25 to $50 for "specialists". Awesome. As if insurance paying for little to nothing they do there wasn't bad enough.

This week was homecoming week at my school. It was low key but fun. My students helped me decorate my door for the occasion and I stayed for the homecoming court and basketball games. The girls we so-so. The boys were really good! Two of my 7th grade home room kids were on the "court" and looked so cute all dressed up. I really do love my job right now and they remind me of that every day - even when they're crazy and silly at 7am. :)

So I decided to try the South Beach Diet. I did really well all week until last night. I cheated and had some no-no things when we went out to dinner with some friends. Today I cheated a little again and paid for it. Let's just say there was an "assplosion" (vocabulary courtesy of CarrieLiz) and I will not cheat anymore. :)

Tonight my dinner is amazing and I'm hoping lunch tomorrow turns out just as good. Some brilliant women have a website where people post recipes for dieters. They took foods that everyone craves and made them diet acceptable.

Tonight I made Spaghetti Squash Deep-Dish Italian Pie

SO GOOD!!! I highly recommend it to anyone - even NON dieters!! :)

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Jen said...

My stomach is growling looking at that! It looks amazing!