Monday, January 25, 2010

30 Day Shred - Day 1

So I totally got my butt kicked today and that's ok. I definitely need it and I almost want to say that I enjoyed it ::gasp::

I know some of you skinny minnies that might be reading are thinking that I'm crazy for being totally killed with workout one but listen - I'm a BIG GIRL! That crap is HARD for a fatty like me!! I was proud that I only stopped gasping for air momentarily and just a few times during the workout.

I don't have control of my limbs yet but I think I feel pretty good. Tomorrow morning might be a different story. :)

Oh and I started South Beach one week ago today and I'm down 3 lbs without really working out. Maybe if I keep up this workout I'll lose even more.

I think I need to get in the whirlpool tub now...


sulfababy said...

Way to go! :) Good job! It's a tough workout.

Danse said...

#1 You're not a fatty.

#2 GOOD JOB! I want to try it eventually - I'm easing back into the workout scene. I'll be looking forward to your reports ;o)

Kat said...

Three pounds? Wow, good job!

Chatham said...

I'm impressed! Good job babe!

Rehana said...

Beautiful blog.
I liked your banner picture and the accompanying quote. The colors chosen are also cool!