Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trip home (part 2)

Ok so this picture post will be baking, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Here we go...

First let me show you the goodies I got from my first trip to Trader Joe's

Aaaaaaaand I went to IKEA

I picked up this cute little dining set for our little friend.
It was on sale. I couldn't pass it up. It's for Christmas!
(There's a fork in there too I just had it on the other side of the plate)

I loved the grippers on the bottom of the plate/bowl and cup!

That's not all I bought at IKEA but it was the most exciting thing I got. :)

My grandma is so cool. She has apple trees in her backyard and has been picking apples and making stuff with them. We had apple pie while we were there and it was AMAZING. We were talking about how BIG her pie plate was and she started looking through her other pie plates and found this one

It's a hexagon!! How cool is that?!? Yeah she gave it to me. :) She says she has never used it and it belonged to either her grandma or my grandpa's grandma. It's SO old! I love it.

Grandma gave me a TON of apples from her tree so I made a Jewish Apple Cake. It was REALLY good. I had never heard of it before until a friend posted the recipe. Definitely something I'll make again!

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