Tuesday, October 6, 2009

YAY for FALL!!!

It's starting to feel like fall here! I'm really excited to go "home" for fall break because I'm sure the leaves are gorgeous up there right now. I can't WAIT!! :) Today was one of those days where I needed a reward for making it through. Well it really rolled over from yesterday I was just too exhausted yesterday to stop for the reward. I went into Starbucks to get my favorite fall treat and came home to the awesome smell of "Leaves" wallflower plug ins in my house. Love.

The interview went really well. I interviewed on Thursday and the principal called me Friday to offer me the job. He said he was turning in his "recommendation" to give me the position to central office but I haven't heard from them yet. I dropped by to fill out my paperwork yesterday afternoon. I was hoping they'd call today but they didn't so now I really hope they come through tomorrow.

Um yeah... teaching on a cart? SUCKS. I'm exhausted and I hate it! It's horrible. If I wanted to call a storage closet my "home" at work I wouldn't have bothered to go to college. Nothing quite makes you feel more like a bottom feeder than reporting to a closet in the cafeteria to prepare for your day. They really take high regard for fine arts education in our elementary schools let me tell you ::eyeroll:: Fingers crossed that I get the call and transferred quickly before I lose my mind! Not only am I grumpy about that situation but every teacher's classroom is HOT! When I'm hot I'm incredibly irritable and literally being on my feet all day makes it even worse.

Waiting for AF to show up. Then on CD3 I'll be headed back to the RE's office to get a whole bunch of tests done. She's on her way, I know she is. My temperature dropped this morning. I hope she comes on Thursday so that I don't have to find a sub for Friday. If she comes tomorrow I'll have to find someone to sub for me (which will suck). One more day please!! :)

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