Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update time!!!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last update! Oooops! :) Sorry!

I love love LOVE my new job. It's great. The kids aren't too bad and the faculty is WONDERFUL. I really like my 7th graders. My 8th graders aren't so awesome but I expected way worse. Teaching keyboarding is so peaceful and quiet. Luckily it takes way less energy because it's such an early start to the day! I leave the house at 6am because it takes 20-30 min to get there and I'm supposed to be in my door at 6:55. It's still great and I am really enjoying myself.

Had an RE appointment on Thursday. It went well. We talked about all of my test results. Mr. G's SA looked "normal" and she confirmed that I have PCOS. I started taking Metformin (an antidiabetic drug) last night. It's supposed to help regulate glucose/insulin and help get my body back in line. Most women on it start ovulating and having more regular cycles on their own. She said with a "moderate lifestyle change" it would help me lose weight. I'm going to go on sugar detox and do the South Beach Diet for a little bit at least.

I have LOTS of pictures to add but I'm on the laptop and I haven't even gotten them off the camera yet so expect a picture entry in the near future. Have to go get ready and deliver some halloween cookies to the neighbor kids then I think we're going for an early dinner.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

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Jessica said...

Glad to hear the new job is going well!

Good luck on the Metformin- that's what worked for us! Watch out for the upset stomach for the first week or so. If it's really bad, avoid foods really high in sugar or carbs for a little while becuase that helps.