Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eventful start to the weekend!

Yesterday we had a marathon of an RE appointment. We got there before anyone was even there to open the office (we only went in 15 min before they told us to get there!). By the time someone got there three other patients were waiting outside too.

They were very quick about getting us in. I went back and started with blood work. She took NINE tubes of blood from me. NINE!!! HOLY CRAP! The funny thing is it didn't even bother me. I used to panic when I'd have to be stuck with a needle of any kind. Now it's no big deal. So weird. Luckily my nurse was hilarious and awesome so it made it even more bearable. :)

After she took my blood she gave me flavor choices for the stuff I had to drink for the 2 hour glucose tolerance test! Almost everyone I've talked to has had to drink orange but I could choose between that and fruit punch! I chose fruit punch and it wasn't bad at all! I didn't realize how much it would be. For some reason I imagined a little cup (think cough syrup?) but it was a little water bottle - 10 oz or so. She gave me 5 minutes to drink it but it didn't take me that long at all.

Then I had my ultrasound right after that. The u/s tech said that sometimes ovaries are pushed back towards the bowel and it's hard to get a good count on how many cysts there are because of the angle. She saw at LEAST 7 on the right one. She definitely thought there were more but that's all she could count. Then she moved to the left one. She counted 16. It looked like a bunch of grapes. So clearly I DO have PCOS. I wish we could have discovered this a long time ago (maybe a year or so?). Oh well.

DH had to do a sperm analysis while he was there and he wasn't happy about it. My initial reaction would be "poor guy" but I've been violated so many times in the past year of IF treatment I just told him to suck it up ;)

After my 2 hours were up I had more blood drawn (3 more tubes - making the total 12) then we were on our way.

We left and went to Panera for breakfast and took lunch to go then we drove home. See MrG doesn't like to drive on the interstate or in "city" traffic so I drove to and from the doctor's appointment. It was pouring down rain on the way home and I HATE driving in the rain!! I'd rather drive in the snow than drive in rain. I was stressed out and nervous the whole way home which I think wore me out even more (in addition to getting up at 4:30 am). I was exhausted the rest of the day.

We went to get 2 more new tires for my car so I can drive "home" on Thursday to visit my family during fall break. Stopped by WalMart to get some stuff then came back to the house to take a nap.

Today we'll be cleaning house, heading to Hobby Lobby for yarn so I can make some wool drier balls, going to the pumpkin patch and then out to dinner with a friend that used to work with MrG.

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Jessica said...

Sounds like a busy appointment! I am glad they discovered the PCOS now so that they can do something about it! I don't blame you for not feeling too bad for Mr. G... at least they don't have to get poked a million times. I think their job is pretty easy. :)