Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update time!!!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last update! Oooops! :) Sorry!

I love love LOVE my new job. It's great. The kids aren't too bad and the faculty is WONDERFUL. I really like my 7th graders. My 8th graders aren't so awesome but I expected way worse. Teaching keyboarding is so peaceful and quiet. Luckily it takes way less energy because it's such an early start to the day! I leave the house at 6am because it takes 20-30 min to get there and I'm supposed to be in my door at 6:55. It's still great and I am really enjoying myself.

Had an RE appointment on Thursday. It went well. We talked about all of my test results. Mr. G's SA looked "normal" and she confirmed that I have PCOS. I started taking Metformin (an antidiabetic drug) last night. It's supposed to help regulate glucose/insulin and help get my body back in line. Most women on it start ovulating and having more regular cycles on their own. She said with a "moderate lifestyle change" it would help me lose weight. I'm going to go on sugar detox and do the South Beach Diet for a little bit at least.

I have LOTS of pictures to add but I'm on the laptop and I haven't even gotten them off the camera yet so expect a picture entry in the near future. Have to go get ready and deliver some halloween cookies to the neighbor kids then I think we're going for an early dinner.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mini Vacation

Hello!!! I'm having SUCH a good time visiting my family in Chicagoland this weekend. I packed up one of the dogs and hit the road (Mr. G had to work - sorry honey!) This fall break is going really well. I have a lot to do when I get home getting ready for my new job but this trip has totally been worth it and tomorrow's going to be even better!

Today my mom and I did some shopping. We went to IKEA ::swoons:: Panera, B&BW, and Meijer. Then I went out to dinner with my parents, my godmother and her son.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet a sweet dear friend for breakfast then it's off to visit my grandparents and to an apple orchard. I may throw in lunch (at Panera again) with my brother or it might end up being dinner with the other stuff we're doing.

New job!! I'm going to be teaching keyboard class (piano class) at a middle school. One classroom. One school. Fun and easy job. Keyboard all day. They each have a keyboard to play and a headset. It's really high tech so I can listen in and talk to whoever I need to over the headsets through a microphone from my teacher's station. TOO COOL. I'm really excited. I got curtains and a rug at IKEA for my classroom today along with some new wallflower refills to make it smell good too.

I'm off to bed. I've got an early morning and a busy day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eventful start to the weekend!

Yesterday we had a marathon of an RE appointment. We got there before anyone was even there to open the office (we only went in 15 min before they told us to get there!). By the time someone got there three other patients were waiting outside too.

They were very quick about getting us in. I went back and started with blood work. She took NINE tubes of blood from me. NINE!!! HOLY CRAP! The funny thing is it didn't even bother me. I used to panic when I'd have to be stuck with a needle of any kind. Now it's no big deal. So weird. Luckily my nurse was hilarious and awesome so it made it even more bearable. :)

After she took my blood she gave me flavor choices for the stuff I had to drink for the 2 hour glucose tolerance test! Almost everyone I've talked to has had to drink orange but I could choose between that and fruit punch! I chose fruit punch and it wasn't bad at all! I didn't realize how much it would be. For some reason I imagined a little cup (think cough syrup?) but it was a little water bottle - 10 oz or so. She gave me 5 minutes to drink it but it didn't take me that long at all.

Then I had my ultrasound right after that. The u/s tech said that sometimes ovaries are pushed back towards the bowel and it's hard to get a good count on how many cysts there are because of the angle. She saw at LEAST 7 on the right one. She definitely thought there were more but that's all she could count. Then she moved to the left one. She counted 16. It looked like a bunch of grapes. So clearly I DO have PCOS. I wish we could have discovered this a long time ago (maybe a year or so?). Oh well.

DH had to do a sperm analysis while he was there and he wasn't happy about it. My initial reaction would be "poor guy" but I've been violated so many times in the past year of IF treatment I just told him to suck it up ;)

After my 2 hours were up I had more blood drawn (3 more tubes - making the total 12) then we were on our way.

We left and went to Panera for breakfast and took lunch to go then we drove home. See MrG doesn't like to drive on the interstate or in "city" traffic so I drove to and from the doctor's appointment. It was pouring down rain on the way home and I HATE driving in the rain!! I'd rather drive in the snow than drive in rain. I was stressed out and nervous the whole way home which I think wore me out even more (in addition to getting up at 4:30 am). I was exhausted the rest of the day.

We went to get 2 more new tires for my car so I can drive "home" on Thursday to visit my family during fall break. Stopped by WalMart to get some stuff then came back to the house to take a nap.

Today we'll be cleaning house, heading to Hobby Lobby for yarn so I can make some wool drier balls, going to the pumpkin patch and then out to dinner with a friend that used to work with MrG.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Scheduling a nap for tomorrow!

Tomorrow's going to be CRAZY! We have to be at the doctor's office that's an hour away in normal traffic by 7:30am. I have no idea what morning traffic is going to be like so we're going extra early. Here are the circumstances behind this thrilling adventure...

- I'll be fasting so no food/drinks etc.
- A date with the dildocam (on CD2 - I'll leave that up to your imagination ::gag::)
- Taking a 2 hour glucose test - which I hear tastes nasty.

I think a trip to Panera to get lunch for later is in order after this ordeal...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

YAY for FALL!!!

It's starting to feel like fall here! I'm really excited to go "home" for fall break because I'm sure the leaves are gorgeous up there right now. I can't WAIT!! :) Today was one of those days where I needed a reward for making it through. Well it really rolled over from yesterday I was just too exhausted yesterday to stop for the reward. I went into Starbucks to get my favorite fall treat and came home to the awesome smell of "Leaves" wallflower plug ins in my house. Love.

The interview went really well. I interviewed on Thursday and the principal called me Friday to offer me the job. He said he was turning in his "recommendation" to give me the position to central office but I haven't heard from them yet. I dropped by to fill out my paperwork yesterday afternoon. I was hoping they'd call today but they didn't so now I really hope they come through tomorrow.

Um yeah... teaching on a cart? SUCKS. I'm exhausted and I hate it! It's horrible. If I wanted to call a storage closet my "home" at work I wouldn't have bothered to go to college. Nothing quite makes you feel more like a bottom feeder than reporting to a closet in the cafeteria to prepare for your day. They really take high regard for fine arts education in our elementary schools let me tell you ::eyeroll:: Fingers crossed that I get the call and transferred quickly before I lose my mind! Not only am I grumpy about that situation but every teacher's classroom is HOT! When I'm hot I'm incredibly irritable and literally being on my feet all day makes it even worse.

Waiting for AF to show up. Then on CD3 I'll be headed back to the RE's office to get a whole bunch of tests done. She's on her way, I know she is. My temperature dropped this morning. I hope she comes on Thursday so that I don't have to find a sub for Friday. If she comes tomorrow I'll have to find someone to sub for me (which will suck). One more day please!! :)