Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RE Appointment and other stuff

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this! I had my appointment last week and it went really well. The Dr. D thinks I have PCOS and I will be going in for testing for that on CD3 (assuming I'm not pregnant which seems to be a fair assumption at this point). I really liked her. She wasn't sure about the protocol followed by my OB/GYN office and asked about things that I had mentioned to my OB before and he just shrugged them off. She wants Mr.G to go in for another SA since his was a year and 2 doctors ago. He'll go in with me on CD3.

Driving over an hour to get to the clinic wasn't as bad as I expected. We got to eat Panera for lunch and if you know us you know that's a huge plus! :) I hope we can get this under control and I hope it helps me lose weight and keep it off!

I'm on a mission to change our lifestyle a little bit at a time so I don't send Mr. G into shock mode. I'm determined to be more earth friendly and in the process save money on products that I could make at home. I was going to start with making my own laundry detergent but that has been put on hold because I can't find one of the main ingredients ANYWHERE around here! It's so frustrating! I've also tried the Oil Cleansing Method and as crazy and off the wall as it sounds it's working GREAT so far!

I have a prospective job opportunity that I am interviewing for tomorrow afternoon. It's teaching piano lab at a middle school and it will be 1,000 times better than what I'm doing now. I've quickly become really frustrated this year with my schools and I just don't like teaching elementary music in general so this new job would be AWESOME.

I think that's about it!! :) Happy Hump Day! Friday's almost here!

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Shaundra said...

How did the interview go? I love you!!!