Friday, August 21, 2009

IUI Update

After my appointment that the last blog was about I went back the next day and talked to my doctor about getting an ultrasound on CD12 (today) instead of CD13 since they're closed on Saturdays. I couldn't bring myself to shoot blindfolded and risk the money for an IUI when we wouldn't even know if there were even a possibility of it working.

Had the ultrasound today and the u/s tech saw one that was ready for sure and a few potential ones that will hopefully grow more between now and Sunday when I get the injection. She said my lining looked good (and I haven't even taken my estradiol yet which is supposed to help it even more).

So my doctor who's always out of the office? Yeah the tech tried to call him on his cell phone and he didn't answer. Then they called the house and his wife had to track him down because he was outside 4-wheeling with his son. Raise your hand if you're glad I'm going to see the RE if this cycle doesn't work!!

Busy weekend ahead! Going to see MrG's cousin graduate from nursing school with her LPN tonight, tomorrow I'm cleaning the house FOR REAL this time and Sunday will be church, injection, lunch with the ILs and back home to plan for next week!

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Jen said...

Yay for follicles! Definately do keep that appt with the RE though! I really doooo hope this works and will be praying for you constantly this week! Lots of hugs!