Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm coming out!!

Ahhh yes. The big t-w-o. The last time I took BCP was two years ago. I never got my period after band camp was over so I didn't start my next pills. We discussed it and decided to "see what happens" and "let nature take it's course". LOL! Ah, to be naive again... What a crazy journey we've had.

I decided today that I wanted to come out of the infertility closet on facebook. It made me super nervous and I toiled over how to word it. I am prepared for the flood of stupid that will inevitably head my direction at any time now but I almost feel better after putting it out there. I hate keeping secrets (I'm usually terrible at it) and part of me feels like I'm living a lie by keeping it bottled up. Not only that but I can't stop thinking of all the other people I could be helping that are going through the same thing!

Of course I totally see the other side of this where it's no one's dang business as to what's going on in my uterus and how much sex we're having but I think I can sassily deflect those comments.

Let's be real though - I'm still not giving my blog address out to people. I'd go nuts if I couldn't come here to complain about people telling me to "stop trying to hard" and to "adopt a kid and you'll get pg cause it always happens like that"! It'd just be silly to do that! :)


Jen said...

You are brave girl! I'm sure there will be many people to say dumb inconsiderate things. You are awesome and amazing!

Shaundra said...

I love you and will definitely continue praying for you both. I will give you a call this week as it has been extremely busy---I have barely been home!
You should put up a link to that website so people will lessen their stupid comments. ;)
Love you!

Mrs.G said...

I DID but people just started typing and didn't read first! LOL The teacher side of me expected that to happen 100%! :D

Shaundra said...

I see what you mean, as I read the comments. :)