Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's the opposite of a "push present"?

A "My ute sucks present". :) I figure maybe I can coax it into working correctly. See ute? Now if you would let yourself get pregnant we could blog from the hospital and let all the sweet girlies out there read how great child birth is! How 'bout it? Please?
Thanks to my sweet friend Mrs.Liberto for showing this to me and to for being awesome.
Should ship in 5 days. :)

::edit:: I wanted to add that an e-accquaintance (also having trouble TTC) said her husband calls such a gift as this a "consolation prize". That cracked me up. So sad, so true and so funny. :)

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Cara Elise said...

I have this netbook too! I bought mine from costco. It is GREAT! I have no complaints! Hope you like it as well =).