Monday, July 13, 2009


It's said that timing is everything. That statement is true on many levels - winning a race, singing a song, opening your garage door, jumping out at a surprise party, getting that great shot when taking pictures, conceiving a child... Timing IS everything and God's timing is perfect. Sometimes it doesn't FEEL perfect and sometimes it's downright painful but it's perfect nonetheless.

Yesterday was the first time we'd been to church in a couple weeks. Last weekend we were out of town and the weekend before that Mr.G didn't feel well. Our pastor was starting a new sermon series entitled "Brotherhood" yesterday. Sounds great. No biggie right?

So we sit down and I realize that it's baby dedication day... awesome. Ok fine. There aren't TOO many this time around and the only ones we know are in Sunday school for this service so we're cool. It'll be fine.

Open up to the scripture our pastor is using for today and realize that it's about Jacob and Esau (Gen. 25: 19-34). Their mother, Rebekah, was infertile and their father, Isaac, prayed for TWENTY YEARS to have a baby and ended up with twins. TWENTY YEARS!!!!!!

The first bullet (sounds cliche but he's really not) is to "Pray and NEVER Give Up". Then he says he wants to pause and talk about what it's like to suffer from infertility and things that you shouldn't say to people struggling with it.

O_O I lost it.

Back around Mother's Day I emailed him about how much I appreciate his sensitivity about the issue (having 4 kids of his own he doesn't UNDERSTAND but he tries really hard which is awesome). He doesn't do the dreaded "all the women who are mothers stand..." crap that so many do but that's a different entry. His reply to my email was extremely short and didn't seem like he even bothered to read it. It didn't surprise me at the time. We're considered a "mega church" in our town so he's clearly a busy man.

His points about this subject came straight from the link I provided to him in my email.

By the time he starts the first one I know exactly where he got this information and I'm in PIECES. Another funny timing thing? I left my purse at my inlaws on Saturday so I have no purse and no tissue! Go figure right?!

I struggled to pull it together the entire rest of the service. By the end I THOUGHT I had enough composure to go up and talk to him about it but by the time we got up there all I could choke out was "thank you" when he looked at me. He hugged me and assured us that we weren't the only ones (duh) that there were about 10 other couples whom he knew of with IF situation.

God is sovereign and faithful. He doesn't give up on ME and His plan is better than any I could have come up with on my own. I need to start trusting, keep praying and never give up.

The notes in my bible say this (under Luke 18:1-8)
"To persist in prayer and not give up does not mean endless repetition or painfully long prayer sessions. Constant prayer means keeping our requests continually before God as we live for Him day by day, believing He will answer. When we live by faith we are not to give up. God may delay answering, but His delays always have good reasons. As we persist in prayer, we grown in character, faith, and hope."

Here's to another cycle of character development and continued faith and hope! :)


Kittybits said...

I just want to let you know, every time I see a post for your blog in GR I get excited. I thoroughly enjoy it and thank you for blogging. love, your semi-pseudo-stalker. (I couldn't let this comment get too mushy.)

Mrs.G said...

aw thanks! :) lol

Kelly said...

Isn't it amazing how God works and provides you with people and sermons that you need to hear at the exact moment it is needed? As always, you're in my prayers.