Friday, July 10, 2009

Funniest POAS story you've ever read...

Because no one ever takes pictures of these...


(It really should say "STILL Not Pregnant" but I have yet to convince Clear Blue Easy to come out with an infertile design of HPTs. With my design if/when you get one that told you good news they'd say "FINALLY Pregnant!!!!" but you know... they don't get me.

Why is it that all you find are the pregnant ones when you google? I can't ever find the "Not Pregnant" ones - not even the one from Baby Mama! I figured I'd represent since no one else does and that's how I roll.)

So I went in to POAS. I had saved up some glorious pee for 4 hours and was ready to POAS because AF was clearly nowhere in sight. I wasn't even feeling crampy!

Went into the bathroom and found the last HPT I had that hasn't expired on me.

I did the dab/wipe test to be absolutely sure I wasn't spotting before wasting a test and having to see a BFN. Nothing. Ok. Fine.

POAS, capped it and set it on my little table in my toilet room. Finish peeing and wipe. Pink. Seriously?!?! Wipe again. More pink.

I didn't know WHAT to do so all I could do was start laughing and wait for the result to show up.


Cycle 22 (23 months TTC)


Jen said...

Really?!?! Decides to show as soon as you POAS. What are the odds. Ughh!

Still praying for you though!

Danse said...

The Baby Mama ones are the best - I tried looking for those too - you'd think they'd be online. "STILL NO."

Anyway, I'm really sorry about the BFN - that totally sucks. I'm pulling for you.