Saturday, July 18, 2009

Best career ever.

My doctor's that is. I have no idea where he "goes" but he's rarely in his office. I go in on Wednesday for an ultrasound and possibly an HCG injection but my doctor won't be there. I'll be seeing someone else who will decide if my follies are good enough for HCG. Awesome.

The days of house calls and getting to know your doctor very well seem to be gone (around here anyway). In a field that is so incredibly dependent on timing you'd think office time would be important.

This little cartoon (posted by ) reminded me of how I keep running into this. Obviously not the IVF part - you'll see what I mean. :)


Cate said...

That sucks. Are you still at your OB or have you been referred out to an RE yet?

Mrs.G said...

Still at the OB. I'll ask for the RE recommendation soon though. He knows them (the closest clinic that's over an hour away) and referred to them by name at one of my last appointments so I guess it won't be a problem getting the referral.