Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You know you've had a long TTC/IF road if...

1.) You have dreams (WEIRD dreams) about tests you're having done.

I go in for my first date with the transvag ultrasound (more affectionately known as the dildo cam) on Monday. I have to do another post coital test too that same day so I'm in for a good time. Oh yeah, here's the dream...

I was on some rickety fishing boat out in the ocean. Al Roker was there doing a weather report and interviewing my doctor. I was laying on the exam table in stirrups. That's all I can remember now but I just know it was even more weird than that.

2.) You have pee sticks in your bathroom that have expired

I think most people POAS more than I do but it's really sad seeing an expiration date on a pee stick. I mean I've got expired OPKs before but I accidentally BOUGHT them expired - these have expired because I've had them so long.

3.) You've fallen in love with a bedding set and have come to find out that it's been discontinued (and you're STILL not pregnant).

Here it is - DwellStudio™ for Target® Bedding Collection - Circles

(pic from

I love it. It's extremely gender neutral. It's cute. It's simple. There's not a theme to it (this is vital). It's not pastel colors (but it's also not too dark or too loud).

What more could a girl ask for? - maybe for it NOT to be discontinued, there's always that! :(

Good news. A friend of mine says she has a set stored away and was going to put it on ebay and she'd be willing to sell it to me. I wouldn't even hesitate. That'd be my second phantom baby purchase and I wouldn't even feel bad about it :)

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Miranda said...

yay! I'm glad I can help with your phantom baby purchases! They won't be phantom babies forever!

Also, with the expired pee sticks you could conduct your very own experiments a la to see what other liquids in your house get BFNs. Or, you could save them until you're KU and then pee on them and see if they really DO expire!