Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer 2009 Vagina Extravaganza

What a day! I spent over two hours at the doctor's office today - I was without pants for probably an hour of that time. Tests, u/s and a shot all with the lower half of my clothing coming down or off. Lovely day in the world of an IFer - is it bad that being naked on the bottom didn't even bother me? I guess I've gotten used to it (for medical reasons only of course).

So the post coital test (take 2) turned out much better than the first. Dr. W said motility was good and was surprised that my cm was cooperating because it often becomes hostile when the person takes Clomid. So that was good news.

A trip back to the waiting room then back in to a different room for my ultrasound. It was my first experience with it and it really wasn't that bad. For the first few minutes she just did her thing. She was explaining what she was doing then realized that she could have offered to turn the TV on so we could watch. She measured my uterus, endometrium (that's the technical term for the lining) and follicle sizes. There were a few uncomfortable moments but all in all it wasn't bad.

Waiting room round 3. Finally got called back to talk to the doctor one last time so he could explain everything to us. He said the post coital test came back good. He said with the way that test came back he didn't recommend an IUI yet. I had one dominant follicle on the left side and several small ones - he said one had grown too much and was considered a small cyst but we went ahead with the HCG shot and were told to have sex on Wednesday!

It was a marathon of a doctor's appointment but I think it went well and I hope it ends up with us expecting! I'm trying not to get my hopes up but a great friend of mine just got great news - I'll shout that from the mountaintops as soon as I get the ok from her though. :)

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