Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New food find! Simply Lemonade with Raspberry

I saw little bottles of this at Target the other day and needed to try it. Ok maybe I didn't NEED to but it was there and I wanted to :)

See that?? "with raspberry" :D

It's awesome. So I came across a BIG bottle of it at Kroger last night - only $1.99. AWESOME! I fully intend on trying to make lemonade from scratch this summer but this was too good to pass up.

Delicious. Everyone should try it.


Miranda said...

This stuff is AWESOME. I love all the Simply juices except grapefruit. Simply apple is ah-mazing.

Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT) said...

Even better with vodka. Just sayin. ;P

Infertile "hoping to be fertile" Naomi said...

I would have bought a few bottles too. That looks so yummy!

Me said...

Duly noted!

Dolly said...

Greaaaat tasting, around my area could only find it at Targets...spoke to the dairy man at my supermarket (FineFare) told him to please order the Simply Lemonade with Raspberry also, since they have have the other Simply products.