Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More from my mom on IF

Had a nice time visiting with you. I did want to tell you one other thing about infertility testing. Dad and I had agreed from the beginning that we would not try infetro (that's my mom language for IVF, lol) . This was 30 years ago and it was higher priced then and insurance companies did not cover the cost. Dad and I were also older than you and Corey - just didn't want you to think that this couldn't work for you - we just chose a different route -- I'm thankful we did.

I really really hope it's a good thing for my mom and I to have in common. There isn't much so maybe this'll be the bridge we needed to connect better. Maybe this is why God's putting us through this storm. If so, every moment is worth it. He's perfect and has perfect timing - I just need to remember that.

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Chatham said...

I love your mom ;)