Monday, June 1, 2009

Hold on to your butts!! (it's a long one!)

Let me pull it together so this all makes sense :) It's long but worth it! I promise!!

We had a cookout the day before my birthday w/my parents, the ILs and Mr. G's grandparents. That's when we had the amazing cake I keep raving about. It was a fun night I was a little disappointed that we couldn't sit outside because it was raining but it was still fun. My MIL got me a couple necklace sets that I didn't really ask for/only kinda like but that's the usual (they're from Avon if that's any indication of their greatness level). I got money from my mom, Mr G's grandparents and a check in the mail from my godmother. I'm still debating on if I'll spend it on the netbook or IF treatment. : /

We celebrated w/this little sweetie too. Her b-day is the day after mine so we gave her the outfits we bought her that night. THIS was Baby K when we babysat her last August. She's a big girl now!! I can't believe she's two years old!! She's SOOO smart and absolutely adores Diva. I love this little one. :)

Please excuse my face in this picture. I think it's a combo of bad lighting and allergy eyes
but I swear to you I do NOT have lumps for bottom eyelids.
(GROSS!! Why do I look like that?!?)

Infertility Talk
Thanks to a wonderfully delicious and intoxicating beverage at dinner on my birthday my inhibitions were dropped a little so I started asking my mom about IF. I'm adopted so I always wondered if this was an issue my parents dealt with but never had the nerve to ask.

::rewind:: When I was home for the wedding in April I kinda slipped the fact that I had an HSG done into the conversation to see what would be said. She said she had one done and that they had drugged her up to have it (uh... JEALOUS!!) and that my godmother drove her home from the hospital.

So I asked why she had one (dumb question right? It was the booze talking I swear lol) she said it was because she couldn't get pregnant. Later I asked how long they tried and her and dad laughed it off as a silly question (but that one really wasn't...) and said they were married in '77 and got me in '83 so that should be my answer. I didn't know they tried right away and didn't wait! How did I know?! So apparently they tried for 6 years? I don't know how long they were
on a waiting list to get me so that's still a foggy answer.

I told them a few things we had done and that we tried Clomid and Progesterone this this cycle and kinda left it at that. Then she said "The worst part is when they tell you nothing's wrong!" followed by a change of subject. See, my mom has a funny way of ending conversations in
extremely awkward ways so I just left it at that. My drink was wearing it off so I noticed the awkwardness so I just watched Walk the Line that was on the tv instead (great movie btw).

The next morning they were getting ready to go and she said she wanted to make sure we had Mr. G tested too. I told her we had and told her we had a new doctor that we were going in to talk to again. I said we were worried about what our insurance would cover too - I'll save that for another entry though. :)

Ok so we have been working on our yard slowly but surely for the 2 years we've lived here. We had TruGreen come and spray the lawn for a while but cut that out of our routine because it was an expense we didn't want to deal with anymore and wasn't a necessity. The yard looks GREAT (a total 180 from when we moved in) so we're pleased anyway.

This was the pic from the listing on our house when we bought it in 2007. Who in the world puts "bushes" that HUGE in front of a small house like this?!?! Seriously?! There's another one behind the vehicle on the right on the far side of the garage. This spring Mr. G and I hacked them down and moved them to the backyard (I'll PIP that another time). Insanity I tell you. Those jokers were GINORMOUS and took everything we had to get them out!

Our new landscaping looks like this. It's small and simple (and was fairly cheap) but I think it's MUCH more attractive than the monstrosity it was before. We're working on curb appeal here cause we're hoping to put it on the market SOON.

Looks like it's time to mow!!
My parents brought us the hostas that are in the back row. We bought the little grassy things (they bloom cute purple flowers I just can't remember what they're called) at the farmer's market on Saturday when we went and we got the little pine trees at Lowe's a few months ago. Edging bricks and mulch at Lowe's too. I would have preferred black mulch but we were being cheap and it was $1.50 more per bag so we didn't get it :)

So...What do you think?!


Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT) said...

Hopefully your mom will be a good source of camaraderie for you with all the IF stuff. It really does help to have someone to talk to that knows what it's like.

Your landscaping looks so much better now! Good choices.

Chatham said...

Happppppy Biiiiiirthday!!!!

Sounds like your Mother will be a good shoulder to lean on! And your house looks fabu!

Danse said...

1) Happy Birthday!
2) Hopefully you can talk to your mom a bit about IF, who knows, maybe it will make you feel better
3) The landscaping looks great!