Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doctor Update!!

We had a really good discussion, I had a list of questions printed out (and scratched out/scribbled down) and I had my chart printed off.

First he said he looked at everything in my charts/tests and went through and told us what he saw to see if he'd answer any questions on the way. He says I do NOT have PCOS. He thinks I have LPD dealing w/my progesterone levels during the LP (not necessarily the length of the LP). He also mentioned that the endometrial biopsy showed some discrepancies in when we did it and what he should have seen at that time (like my body's timing was off) that also factored into LPD (I had never heard of that before so I wasn't completely sure - I'll be looking that up again). When the nurse practitioner did the post coital she didn't explain exactly where she got it from or what the test showed and he'd like to do that again (doing it HIMSELF) to make sure HE knows exactly what my CM and Corey's sperm are doing while they're up in there together.

He asked me what my questions were and I told him what I was worried about, asked him all the qusetions we had, and told him I felt that communication was lost towards the end of the cycle. I mentioned to him how hard it was to get in touch with Toni becuase the receptionists try to help (too much sometimes) and only left her a message never put her through.

At the end of the appointment he said he really wanted to work together on this. He said he was glad I brought all the questions/concerns to him and that it helps make him a better doctor and helps this process to be easier for us. He has a great personality and kinda teased me a little saying his home number's in the phone book. I laughed and explained that we had seen him at church (he's a deacon there) and thought about calling him or going to sit by him at church but I wasn't sure if calling would be crossing the line. He told me to call him whenever I needed to - that he thinks that's important in this process and not to hesitate.

The Plan
This cycle (whenever it starts - tonight or tomorrow probably) we're going to do a pseudo IUI cycle doing EVERYTHING except the IUI part. Every single thing - including ultrasounds to go with the Clomid! I'll be bumped up to 150 MG Clomid and we'll do Progesterone (I can start it later if I feel more comfortable with that - though he said it was fine timing this cycle even though I was worried) we'll do the follie check to see if they're produced right and do the trigger (is that the right terminology?).

Then the day after he wants to do a post coital test - NO Mucinex, NO preseed just to see how they're reacting together and to see how the Clomid effects my CM. That way he can diagnose what's happening and move on from there. He said he really does think we'll be going down the IUI road but he wants to do this first and then move on from there.

Ok I think that about covers it. It took me a while because I called my mom when I got home and told her about the appointment. I'm so glad I told her. I'm still in shock that it's going well but I really think this is great.


Danse said...

I'm glad it sounds like things are looking up. When you get monitored for follies also be sure to ask about your uterine lining - if it's too thin nothing can implant (clomid can thin the lining).

As always LOTS of luck to you!

Cate said...

Get ready for lots of dates with the vag cam! They aren't fun, but they do show a lot :)

Kelly said...

I'm so glad that you got answers and that there is a firm plan in place. I'll be praying! :)

NicNacKlein said...

I know it's a lot to think about, but it sounds like he's going to do everything he can to figure out what's happening! That alone is worth it's weight in gold.

Chatham said...

I have my fingers crossed for you ;)