Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uh... WHAT?!?!?

So I was a bad girl last weekend with eating. A bad girl. Very very bad.

Reason #1 - Panera Bread Co.

Reason #2 - Wedding CupcakesMy GORGEOUS (married 1 week) friend Mrs. B

Reason #3 - Chicken Boursin

Couldn't find a picture to do the dish that we had justice.
It was amazing.

Reason #4 - 3 year old wedding cake :)
Tupperware saves the day again.
We had 3 wedding cakes (long story) and this was my favorite.
Dad dug it out of the freezer (because mom wanted to use her bowl again)
It was still good. And by good I mean REALLY good.

All of this would lead a girl to think she has gained 10 lbs or so from straying from her diet in such a defiant way. I knew there was NO WAY I had lost ANY weight and was sure I had gained at LEAST 5 lbs back.

Went in to WW weigh in this morning. Walk of shame. Got on the scale.

- 3.4 lbs

Excuse me?!?!?!

What?! Why? How? HUH!?!?

So. I don't know what the lesson is here but I'm pretty confused (and really excited).
Man, I wish I had some more of that cake right now... and that chicken...


Jen said...

Wooo hooo! 3.4 lbs! That's awesome. My theory: Maybe you were just so busy last weekend that you worked off the extra calories with out knowing it. I don't know, but that's still awesome! Go Mrs. G!

TJLoop85 said...

Nothing like a frozen wedding cake to save the day. Weddings are always so much fun and the best part is always the wedding cakes (yummy). I hope you guys enjoyed it!