Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pictures time!!!

Ok here's the little set up (the tree behind is fake. Very fake)

My little labels so I don't forget what they are
(hopefully I'd recognize them after they grew but you never know with me)

I don't have any chalk!! What kind of teacher doesn't have chalk??
(one that doesn't have a chalk board!)
I need to label this one. It's lavender :)
Diva couldn't handle me taking pictures w/o her getting in some
Fitting name right?
This is her serious face.
This is how she normally is. Super silly.
Check out that freckle belly. She didn't have those when she was born
She broke out in what looked like tons of little bug bites then turned into freckles.
Zoey was hiding out the whole time.
Rocky wouldn't sit still for a picture.

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