Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MIL vent!!!!! (whoa. It's long)

Everyone knows how common it is for MILs and child's spouse to not get along. That's accepted as the norm. My mom and I don't get along either but that's a story for a different day - I'm just screwed from both ends of the spectrum. My ILs are... crazy... and irritating. EXTREMELY irritating. Case in point? My story from last night. Hold on to your butts cause here we go.

Ok first I'll tell you about SIL - She is 21, lives at home, has mom and dad convinced that she doesn't drink because she's a picky eater (I'm not kidding) and has never flown before - frankly she's kind of dingy and by "kind of" I mean EXTREMELY. Went to hair school to find out after she graduated that you have to... I don't know... WORK at getting clientele built up and decided she wants to go to school to be a dental hygienist. Did I mention she's dingy? Put that into your imagination and add a hook + your teeth + your gums. She won't be practicing on me that's for sure.

She's flying with her friend to Connecticut and then flying home by herself. Let's just say it'll be a miracle if she gets her luggage off the carousel when she gets there let alone find her flight and connecting flight on the way back by herself. So we've been bombarded with Tuesday questions from them for the past 2 weeks or so.

MIL is driving her and her friend to the airport (2 1/2 hours away) and wants to stay over night because they have an insanely early flight the next morning. We use Parking Spot when we drive ourselves to the airport and when you drop off a car a limo takes you to the airport. MIL was disappointed when we told her you had to leave a car there to get the limo because (like everything else in our lives) she wants SIL to have everything we have. It's like a competition I swear. (ex. Mr. G got a GPS then his sister "needed one" like she doesn't know the back roads of HeeHawville well enough.)

So she wanted to find a hotel with a complimentary shuttle to the airport. I have no idea why she doesn't just DRIVE THEM THERE from the hotel but this is what she wanted. She was asking how we found our hotel I told her about She didn't book a room just wanted to call and ask if they had a shuttle (WTH?!?!). She called the 800 number on one and got the main hotline and said "Do you have a shuttle to the airport" and the person was somewhere like Texas and had to ask her which hotel/airport she was looking for. ::headdesk::

::flash forward to last night::

Mr.G walks into the house at almost 6pm with dinner (Taco Bell! YUM). We were going to have a lazy evening, watch TV and cut his hair. As he's coming in the house from the mailbox he's on the phone with someone. Turns out it's his mother. She called to tell him that we need to come out to their house (45 min drive each way) to bring back his grandparents' car that we were borrowing while FIL fixed my car (which never got fixed - never really does and he's a mechanic) and get their two dogs to watch for the evening. She was making FIL go with her because her friend that was going along backed out on her.

1) We have 3 dogs and they have a dog and a PUPPY. That means we had to watch FIVE dogs at our house last night. Their dogs are awful and misbehave because they're SIL's dogs. She doesn't train them and doesn't give them the time they need to behave well (especially the puppy)

2) WTH!?! You're 50 years old. Why can you not drive home by yourself? It's not like you're staying in the hotel alone - not that that'd be and different cause I've stayed somewhere myself before. I just don't get it.

And then... we were in bed - falling asleep (at least I was) and his mother calls. She wanted MrG to go book them a room online because it was cheaper on the website and *SURPRISE!* when they got there it cost more to check in w/o a reservation! Who'd have thought?! He told her we were in bed and he wasn't going to book her a room.


Leah B said...

Sorry about the in law drama. I'm in the same boat, my MIL is more than Crazy, she actually gives the carzy people at the prison hospital (in CA) drugs, and I'm positive that she slips some in for herself. The last call was regarding how much she wants to come out and see us, and we straight up told her no. It was a good feeling to tell her no... Hope your day goes better!

Krisito said...

Um, is Mr. G secretly Mr. Krisito?! This sounds EXACTLY like my MIL and SIL.
I'm so sorry you have to deal with that B.S. That really, really sucks.