Sunday, May 31, 2009

I really need to update...

...but I'm going to put it off till later. HA!

Coming soon:
- Birthday details
- Talked to my mom about IF
- Landscaping before and after PIPs :)

I know you're all jumping out of your skin for me to tell you about the last few days but I'm going to make you wait just a little longer. I've got some brownies and fruit pizza to make.

Here's a little sample of the last one I made. If anyone wants to come visit me I'll be more than happy to make one while you're here too. (oh and this pic is pre-bananas. Can't have fruit pizza w/o bananas).

I'll be waiting! :)


aLLie said...

ahhhh you MuST tell me the recipe for that!! It looks AMAZING!!! and you're going to add bananas too!?!?!?! *dies*

p.s. I have been waiting to hear about your bday... patiently waiting.

so ...

how was it?!?!

Me said...

That looks delicious!